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Where on Earth is Woodinville?

This is where Woodinville is located – Google Maps

Woodinville did not show up on any map until the late 1880s after some of the first settlers began building their homesteads and the first general store and schoolhouse were built. Early transportation was via a small steamboat that traveled up and down a narrow river called the Squak Slough (Sammamish River) from Lake Washington. 

Woodinville did not become a recognized city until 1993 and its population today exceeds 12,000 residents.  In 2009, CNN Money ranked Woodinville in their top 100 cities to live when comparing median income, test scores, crime incidents and temperature to other cities across the US. The city of Woodinville covers 5.63 square miles of land, but a large portion of unincorporated Woodinville is an area even larger.  Most of Woodinville is located in King County and only a small portion in Snohomish County.  King County is located in the WNW portion of Washington State beginning at Puget Sound, which is the waterway that flows down from Vancouver, BC Canada.  And in case you need to know, all of Washington State is in the Pacific Time Zone.

On a globe of the world, Woodinville sits at an elevation of ~39’ above sea level, located on the 47 Parallel N and 122 degrees Meridian N.  Woodinville is a 20-mile drive from downtown Seattle and 13 miles NE from point to point.  If one were to drive from New York City to Woodinville, they should anticipate to travel 2,819 miles traveling east to west.  That would equate to about a 43-hour drive time.  Travel by commercial jet and travel time is only 5 hours and that distance covered in air would be 2,413 miles.

Some countries located along the 47th Parallel include parts of Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Peoples Republic of China and Mongolia.  Up and down the 122nd Meridian West from Woodinville would be the Arctic Ocean to the north and San Jose, CA to the south.

The largest airport close to Woodinville is SeaTac International Airport, which is located 28 miles SSW.  The next closest large airport is Pane Field, which is located 18 miles NNW.  And a bit further north would be Arlington Municipal Airport, located 34 miles N.

Have you ever lived in or visited Woodinville?  If so, what places were they and do you recommend any places that everyone must go?

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